Gels Conference Videos

Over the coming months we will be putting up selected videos of the presentations from the Gels conference

Matthew Cushman – Gels at the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation: a retrospective review of student projects 1978 – 2016

Paola Mezzadri – The case of Capogrossi in Rome: trials and tests using gels for the cleaning of a contemporary wall painting

Noemi Proietti – A study of water mobility in hydrogels suitable for biocleaning mural paintings: a unilateral NMR study

Lambert Baij – Time-dependent ATR-FTIR studies on the release of solvents from cleaning gels into model systems of oil paint binding media

Irma Passeri – Gel formulations coupled with mechanical cleaning techniques to remove old overpaint and pigmented coatings on a large altarpiece by Piero di Cosimo

Stavroula Rapti – Removing iron stains from wood and textile objects: assessing gelled siderophores as novel green chelators

Stefani Kavda – The effect of gelling agents and solvents on ply(methyl methacrylate) surfaces: a comparative study

Soraya Alcala -Conservation of a white Louis Nevelson installation: gel systems explored

Giorgia Sciutto – From biomass to restoration: a new green tool for the cleaning of artworks

Gwendoline Fife – Moving on up: a review of results from SRAL’s tissue-gel composite approach

Barbara Berrie – A comparison between gel and swab cleaning: physical changes to delicate surfaces

Enrica Boschetti – Innovative techniques for treating the reverse of paintings: gel systems and Aquazol 500 pre-impregnated facing pads

Charis Theodorakopoulos – Novel surface-attached gels from photo-crosslinkable polyacrylamides for the cleaning of works of art

Lora Angelova – Poly(vinyl alcohol)-borax ‘gels’: a flexible cleaning option

Birgit Straehle – Silicone Polymers for the removal of grime from a selectively varnished oi, graphite and ink painting

Emilie Faust – Cleaning assessment of a vinyl dispersion paint: comparing Velvesil Plus Gel, microemulsions and aqueous solutions

Anthony Lagalante – Particle-based silicone cleaning emulsions: studies in model paint systems for the cleaning of water-sensitive artworks

Alina Moskalik Detalle – Conservation of murals by Eugene Delacroix at Saint Sulpice, Paris

Chris Stavroudis – Gels: evolution in practice



Sofia Hennen – The influence of organic and inorganic alkalis on the formulation and properties of Pemulen TR-2 gels

Lu Allington Jones – Giant Sequoia:an extraordinary case study involving Carbopol gel

Kristin De Ghetaldi – Resurrecting a giant:using solvent gels and aqueous systems to restore Villanova University’s Triumph of David

Jonathan Clark – Revisiting a shipwrecked felt hat for Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust: a multidisciplinary approach

Zoe Miller – Investigating the ability of phytate gel systems to treat iron gall ink at the British Library

Yana van Dyke – Agarose-enzyme gels in paper conservation

Silvia Sotgiu – Coupling gellan gels and electrochemical biosensors: real-time monitoring of cleaning and enzymatic treatments of Diana Scultori’s The Wedding of Cupid and Psyche

Michelle Sullivan – ‘Rigid polysaccharide gels for paper conservation: a residue study’

Alysia Sawicka – Challenges of a virgin water-sensitive surface: designing a cast agar gel cleaning system for Patrick Heron’s ‘Still-life against the Sea 1949’

Monday final question and answer session

Emma Schmitt – Gelling predictions: the challenges of taking research into practice

Amy Hughes – Measurement of surface pH of paper using agarose gel plugs: a feasibility study

Moira Bertasa – A Study of Commercial agar gels as cleaning materials

Monday afternoon question and answers after the second session

Karolina Soppa “A study of thickened protein glues for the readhesion of absorbent flaking paints”

Maggie Barkovic “The Use of Agar Gel for Treating Water Stains on an Acrylic Canvas”

Veronique Sorano Stedman “Treatment of Barnett Newman’s Shining Forth”

Flavia Puoti “Evaluation of Leather Cleaning with a rigid hydrogel of gellan gum”

Celine Delattre “Gellan Gum and Agar compared to Aqueous Immersion”

Tomas Markevicius “Cold, Warm, Warmer”