New Methods for Paper and Textile Bathing and Stain Removal (Canada)

Date/Time: 29 May 2019 - 31 May 2019
Tutor(s): Richard Wolbers
Price(s): £435.00

This three-day workshop, organised in association with the Royal BC Museum, Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada, consists of morning lectures and afternoon practical sessions. Participants will be presented with a review of basic aqueous cleaning techniques / strategies for both paper and textile substrates. The notion of generally ‘isotonic’ bathing of papers and textiles that are wet-cleanable will be introduced together with pH and conductivity measurements on paper and textile surfaces leading to the construction of simple buffered and chelate-containing bathing systems.
Simple aqueous carrier or gel systems (agarose and xanthan gums) for ‘spot’ treatments or stain removal will be discussed and prepared and the use of enzymes in aqueous paper and textile conservation treatments will also be covered. Participants will be encouraged to explore the BRENDA enzyme database online to better engineer their own enzyme preparations.  More advanced macro- and micro-emulsions for blending solvent and water cleaning systems together for both ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ cleaning needs will be discussed, including the cleaning of water sensitive materials
The goal of this course is to better empower the participants to formulate tailored preparations for common  cleaning problems (soil, staining, and adhesive removal) that require minimal aqueous interventions.


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