Integrated Pest Management for Museums, Galleries and Historic Houses

Date/Time: 24 Oct 2018
Tutor(s): David Pinniger
Price(s): £150.00

The course will include lectures, discussion and a practical examination of insects and damage. It is aimed at anyone with any involvement with, or responsibility for, care of collections.

 Course objectives

 1/ To introduce the main insect pests which attack collections.

  • What they need to live; How to identify them; The damage they cause; Ways to prevent them becoming established.

2/ Understanding pest environments

3/ Selecting the most appropriate treatments to control pests

4/ Making plans to establish an IPM programme

5/ Examining available resources to help with IPM

NB This one day course is the third part of a series of 3 consecutive days on The Museum/Gallery Environment and Collections being held by IAP at the The National Archives, October 22 – 24 2018. Details of the other courses can be seen on this website. The cost of one of these day courses is 150GBP. Two courses cost 250GBP and 3 courses 375GBP.

David Pinniger is an entomologist providing independent consultancy and training on pest management to museums, historic properties, local authorities and major UK museums. He is the author of Integrated Pest management in Cultural Heritage (Archetype 2015) and Pests in Houses Great and Small (English Heritage 2018)

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