Humidity, Temperature and Pollution: the object, the atmosphere & collections care

Date/Time: 23 Oct 2018
Tutor(s): Stephen Hackney
Price(s): £150.00


Knowing and controlling the atmospheric conditions (relative humidity, temperature, nature and level of pollutants) surrounding objects on display and in storage is of critical importance when considering the design of buildings, display cases, policy decisions regarding exhibitions, loans, visitors etc. This one-day introductory/refresher course offered by IAP in association with The National Archives is aimed at curators, conservators, technicians and other interested parties and covers:

  • understanding the problems: the atmosphere, moisture, pollution;
  • the interaction between museum objects and their environment
  • evidence of physical damage and chemical deterioration of historic objects (e.g. furniture, sculpture, paintings, metals, paper) due to museum activity and climate,


NB This one day course is the second module of a series of 3 consecutive days on topics concerning The Museum/Gallery Environment and Collections being held by IAP at the The National Archives, October 22 – 24 2018. participants can enrol on one, two or three modules. The cost of each one of these day courses is 150GBP. Two courses cost 250GBP and 3 courses 375GBP. Details of other IAP courses can be seen on this website.

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Stephen Hackney was Head of Conservation Science at Tate until 2010. This included him being reponsible for the gallery environment. He remains a Senior Research Advisor at Tate and is also currently teaching at the Courtauld Institute of Art on structural aspects of the conservation of canvas paintings and preparing a book on the subject.


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