Conference Programme

The Conference Programme (which will be very full!) is expected to be available in October 2016 ….i.e 12 months ahead of the conference itself.

More than 75 abstracts have been submitted focusing on gel materials, application techniques, and particularly on case studies involving the use of gels in conservation treatments, and evaluations of their outcomes.

The conference proceedings will be published as printed pre-prints available on the day of the conference, and it is planned that the papers will be available online shortly after the conference.

Topics which it is intended will be discussed are shown below (but are not limited to):
– The theory of gels
– Recent developments in gel technologies
– Clearance and residues
– Systematic evaluation of gel properties and effects
– Preparation and practical issues
– Case studies on the practice of using gels on:
• Wall paintings
• Easel paintings
• Contemporary art
• Textiles
• Archaeological objects
• Paper
• Sculpture
• Mixed media
• Traditional materials

It is hoped that there will be time for participants who have a particular conservation problem potentially or actually involving the use of gels for which they would like input from others to table a written summary which can be introduced at one of the panel sessions.