The Modular Cleaning Program for Cleaning Painted Surfaces

Date/Time: 9 Oct 2017 - 13 Oct 2017
Tutor(s): Chris Stavroudis
Price(s): £0.00

Places available: 16
Location: Tate Britain
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The aim of the workshop (in the week immediately preceding the Gels in Conservation conference) offered in association with Tate, is to provide participants with the tools to use the Modular Cleaning Program – a system  developed to assist conservators in their approach to cleaning with solvents, solvent gels or water-borne systems and to formulate effective cleaning strategies. The course covers the theory and practice of formulating aqueous cleaning solutions, solvent gels, and polymer-stabilized emulsions by mixing stock solutions, working through aqueous and solvent gel test cleanings to find an optimal cleaning system for one or more test paintings. and understand how various changes in materials will affect the cleaning solution and how this relates to the chemistry of the surface and cleaning system. Participants will become familiar with the MCP computer database and will learn about clearance of non-volatile materials and the advantages and disadvantages of using cleaning systems that contain components that do not evaporate.

At the end of the course, participants will have the opportunity to take away stock solutions and solvent gels (if the participant can transport the solvent gels safely).

Chris Stavroudis is a paintings conservator in private practice in Los Angeles.


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