New Methods of Cleaning Painted Surfaces

Date/Time: 3 Jul 2017 - 7 Jul 2017
Tutor(s): Richard Wolbers
Price(s): £0.00

This five-day intensive course (of morning lectures and afternoon practical sessions) is aimed at paintings, sculpture and objects conservators interested in new, less toxic, more effective, mainly aqueous methods for cleaning painted and coated surfaces.The importance of knowing the pH and conductivity of surfaces and solutions brought to such surfaces is discussed in detail in relation to building isotonic cleaning solutions and also the use of simple buffered and chelate-containing cleaning systems.

Simple aqueous gelling materials will be discussed together with surfactant chemistry and oxidation-reduction chemistry. The use of emulsions and micro-emulsions for blending solvent and water cleaning systems are discussed in relation to both traditional and contemporary artworks.

The aim of this workshop is to better inform participants about the formulation of tailored preparations for both surface cleaning problems (soil removal), and problems relating to varnish/coating and re-painting/over-painting removal.

This course is of most benefit to those with at least some experience of paintings /objects conservation and a knowledge of conservation chemistry.

“I thought the course was great. Very interesting, very practical and well taught.  Thanks for organising it.” – 2016

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