New Methods of Bathing and Cleaning Textiles

Date/Time: 10 Jul 2017 - 12 Jul 2017
Tutor(s): Richard Wolbers
Price(s): £0.00

This 3 day course of  morning lectures and afternoon practical sessions examines: basic aqueous cleaning techniques / strategies for textile substrates; the importance of knowing and controlling pH and conductivity of surfaces and solutions so that ‘isotonic’ bathing of fabric structures that are wet cleanable can be considered; and the use of simple buffered and chelate-containing bathing systems. Simple aqueous gelling materials for ‘spot’ treatments or stain removal will be discussed as well as surfactant chemistry and oxidation-reduction chemistry.  The use and practical methods of making emulsions and micro-emulsions for blending solvent and water cleaning systems are examined in relation to both ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ cleaning needs – including the cleaning of water sensitive materials.

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