Conservation of Glass

Date/Time: 11 Sep 2017 - 15 Sep 2017
Price(s): £565.00

This practical course, to be held in The Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge, UK, covers the principles and practice of historical and archaeological glass cleaning, care, conservation and restoration.

Discussions centre on aspects of deterioration, restoration methods and proper conditions for storage and display.Practical sessions focus on cleaning, reconstruction, adhesion and gap filling and the use of different techniques and materials.

The course is aimed at practising glass and other conservators and requires a background knowledge in conservation.

Details of the techniques and materials covered in this course can be found in Stephen Koob’s recent book <i>Conservation and Care of Glass Objects</i> published by Archetype Publications with the Corning Museum of Glass (2006) (each participant will receive a copy).

<b>Recent comments</b>
2015: “I had a great time during last week. Steven Koob and his professionalism is really great and inspiring:)”

2011: …I would like to thank you for the course and the way everything was organized…the course itself was extremely useful, and lead by Stephen just brilliantly.

2006: Stephen Koob is a down to earth instructor who shares techniques and facts about glass with ease and enthusiasm….his latest book is a valuable reference tool.

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