Adhesives, Consolidants and Coatings

Date/Time: 12 Jun 2017 - 13 Jun 2017
Tutor(s): Velson Horie
Price(s): £0.00

Conservators often use materials for adhesion, consolidation and coating of objects. This short course examines the questions:

Why do you use the materials you use?

What criteria do you use when selecting your choice of materials?

Is the choice based on evidence, familiarity, or custom and practice?

and looks at  the existing evidence, develops practical experience of the properties of different materials and tests custom and practice. The timetable is evenly split between practical sessions working with materials and the theoretical background needed to understand their properties. The role and merits of both high technology studies and investigations in a conservation studio are investigated.


Velson Horie – Consultant and author ‘Materials for Conservation’

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